About Us

                            Association “Youth Fest” is an organization founded with the goal to strive for the improvement of basic living conditions and environment of young people, for protection of fundamental rights and freedoms in order to improve the standard of living and quality of life, to improve the study conditions, for protection of nature and a healthy environment , the promotion of multiculturalism, the promotion of culture, to promoting the importance of sport for better life of young, for promotion and development of sport in contributing to comprehensive development of positive qualities such as joy, humanity, perseverance, resourcefulness, courage, honesty, friendship, thrift and a sense for life in towns and collectives, care and development of friendship among peoples and nations and respect for their personal, national, religious and political beliefs.

                           Organization was founded end of 2007. and registered at the beginning of 2009. year and primarily was made of young age of 25 years. Today the organization has about 300 members, and has participated in over 15 projects in partnership with other organizations. Members of the organization, formerly the founding students but today lawyers, human resources managers, architects engineers , machine engineers , journalists and others.

                          If you wish to become a member of, to begin with is enough to download the application form from the library, and fill it and send it to our address or personally bring at agreed time. After that, you can expect call from us soon, and we will familiar you with the work of the organization and its activities.