Projekt “Friend, don’t get angry!”


European Youth Centre of Vojvodina and Youth FEST conducted a joint action within the project ”Friend, don’t get angry!”












*images from the action*


The main objective of the “Friend, don’t get angry!” is to promote the prevention of violence among young people by organizing interschools competition in once popular game “Boy, do not get mad”. Participations were all schools which were interested in. The selection was made in collaboration with principals and school psychologists.

For the purpose of glorifying values such as friendship, humility, tolerance and solidarity, activists shared materials, and organized lectures throughout the competition.

Association provided prizes to participants of the competition in cooperation with sponsors from the industry.

During the action, youth and the general public are informed about the importance of strengthening the aforementioned values in preventing violence.

The results are better informed and sensitized of the youth and the society about the need which is violence prevention in all possible ways, primarily through strengthening the values that are contrary to the violence in the game, hanging out in school and extracurricular activities.

The project was conducted in cooperation with the European Youth Centre of Vojvodina and Provincial secretariat for education, administration and the national communities.